Interactive Data Analytics

  1. Website Analytics: GTA will collect, measure, and analyze your website traffic data. This includes the analysis of conversion elements (i.e. landing pages, exit pages, etc.) The information we gather will be translated into reports that will enable you to understand and optimize your website usage to meet your business needs and goals.

  2. Interactive Survey and Polls: In today’s competitive environment, there is nothing more critical to success than keeping your customers satisfied and engaged. However, measuring an abstract concept such as customer satisfaction can be a daunting, costly, and time-consuming task. GTA offers a cost-effective, web-based survey solution that enables you to quickly and efficiently gather quality consumer insights on your own. Whether you’re looking to gather a large volume of quantitative consumer data or explore the softer side of consumer opinion to uncover emotions, thoughts and perceptions, we make the process easy.

  3. Advertising Campaign Monitoring: Our web analytics services help you track, measure, report and optimize your integrated online advertising and web marketing campaigns. In order to take full advantage of your website, you need to fully understand your traffic sources, your marketing initiative performance indicators, and the steps your visitors take on your site before they leave your website or take further action (e.g., completing a lead generation form, downloading a PDF or going through the shopping cart process to purchase an item).